Wednesday, June 20, 2012

misconception about librarians -- they read all day

"I would love to have your job and be able to sit around and read all day."

This statement is so false, it could not be MORE false. There are a finite number of times you will catch a Librarian reading while in the library - during their break or while trying to find books for their next storytime.

When a Librarian is not at the Information Desk, they are usually running around behind the scenes working on projects: planning programs, writing schedules, working on cataloging, updating the library's websites, contacting schools...the list goes on because every library is so very different.

While we don't sit and read all day, we do know a lot about books and what is out there because we read journals and websites with book reviews to build our knowledge. So don't hesitate to ask! Something we COULD do all day is recommend books to you! :D
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