Friday, October 08, 2010

Storytime - Food

Too Many Cooks by Nate Wragg & Margaret McNamara - picture book inspired by the Disney/Pixar animated film Ratatouille. Not many of the kids had seen the movie (I didn't really expect them to have seen it) but they all seemed to really enjoy the book. It's a large book with very cool illustrations and the rhyme makes it a quick and fun read.

On Top of Spaghetti by Paul Brett Johnson - Johnson's story about a small diner owner who decides he has to spice up his menu and creates the perfect meatball, but it gets away! Includes a story and the song lyrics too. By the time I was done reading this, the kids were ready to sing the song

Sesame Streets: Kid's Favorite Songs 2 - we used the Snuffulupogus version of On Top of Spaghetti. Since there aren't any actions to go with the song, I just held up the story book again and bounced along.

Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog by Mo Willems - Because it's not storytime with Miss Sam without a Mo Willems book, this one snuck into the pile. I over-acted as much as I could and the kids seemed to be pretty amused (though one child was already in the middle of a meltdown so we were a bit distracted during this book).

Big Blue Bowl: Sign Language for Food - this one I just used the text of the book and read it while having the kids do the signs along with me (though I deleted the squash from the story since the book had them fingerspell...and these kids can't even spell anyway so that would have been a lost cause). I got SO MANY positive comments about this after storytime. I need to find more books in this series.

Too Pickley by Jean Reidy - I played up this one a lot, as we went through each of the food descriptions, and then made sure to emphasize how, in the end even though the kid was labeling everything - he still ate it all (at least, that's how I interpret the story).

Craft: paper plate pizzas! I talked to all the little chef's while they glued down their pasta sauce, cheese, pepperonis etc.
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