Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Storytime - Silly Dinosaur Stories

I think the crowd I had for this storytime was a bit too young for the books I started out with. But I also had 30+ kids so the age range might have just been too big to keep everyone focused. Had a lot of wanderers circling the room. But they all seemed happy at the end so all's well that ends well, right?

Brontorina by James Howe; illustrated by Randy Cecil
Brontorina knows one thing for sure - she wants to be a dancer! So she goes to Madame Lucille's Dance Academy in the hopes of being trained to be a ballerina. The little girls were interested because she was a ballerina, I think the boys were unsure if it was okay to like that or not.

Edwina, the Dinosaur that didn't know she was Extinct by Mo Willems
Everyone in town loves Edwina, the local dinosaur - everyone except Reginald Von Hoobie Doobie, who KNOWS that Dinosaurs are extinct! Reginald tries to tell the world that Edwina should not exist, but no one will listen...well, almost no one. I think the parents might have enjoyed this one more than the kids. Probably too long for the younger ones that trickled in about halfway through this book.

Hokey Pokeysaurus (CD: Most Amazing Dinosaur Songs)
I wish I had printed out the words to this because I had only listened to it a couple times and I wasn't sure what dino-parts they were putting in and putting out during each verse. We winged it though, went pretty well.

Dinosaurs Love Underpants by Claire Freedman
Why did the dinosaurs disappear? This book has an unusual theory: their downfall was an unhealthy obsession with underpants! Two of the kids had read this story already and liked it, it's a really quick read and I think even the younger ones enjoyed this silly story.

How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight by Jane Yolen
Read about dinosaurs getting ready for bed - do they throw tantrums or heave a sigh? Or do they just give mom and dad a kiss and get under the covers...a lot of the kids were familiar with this book.

Going on a Dinosaur Hunt (Activity)
The kids were getting pretty restless and the room was just getting louder, so I decided I would give this a try. I did it as spazzy as I could and it got a lot of the wanderers attention. But in the end, it wasn't enough to bring them back to the stories so I let them do their craft.

Craft: Dinosaur stick puppet (cut-out of a long necked dinosaur, round stickers, crayons and a popsicle stick)
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