Friday, October 03, 2008

empty canvas, blank page

So, after a day of training, I snuck over into the Young Adult section to sort of figure out the sitch with the layout and such. The librarian that is training me told me I could pretty much do whatever I wanted to with the area. There are lots of cool spots of displays and such. The wall of the end of the shelf is pretty much a giant display board, there are similar spots above the book cases in one area, and then a large bulletin board on the wall.

There is also a really creepy mannequin that they apparently acquired from Talbot's for the heck of it. She's dressed as a cowgirl. Every time I walked into the area, she freaked me out because I thought she was a person! She's taking up a valuable seat, so I think I will move her somewhere else. I'm wondering what other poses she could do...

ANYWAY - I need to start brainstorming what sort of stuff I'd want decorating the area. I need lots of ideas because, as everyone knows, any area designed for teens needs to be changing and updated constantly to keep them coming back to check it out. I'm thinking of using some Unshelved comics (probably the Sunday Reader's Advisory ones). Need to think of a way to decorate for Teen Read Week...

yeah, seeing the YA section and thinking of all the stuff I can do to it makes me excited about this job. The endless training of stuff I already am familiar with is just wearing me out. I wish they could have just asked me what I knew already before hand because I'm getting a little tired of saying "yes, I know that." Ah well, next week is pretty much all floor time, plus I get to attend the Children's Librarian meeting. Perhaps we can play some programs for the tweens!
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