Saturday, July 19, 2008

Library has YouTube contest to promote The Big Read

Jefferson Madison Regional Library had a contest for kids to post videos on YouTube as part of The Big Read of To Kill a Mockingbird. You can check out the results at the J-MRL Big Read website.

I think this is really cool but my only concern is what patrons have the ability to do this? I'm not sure if the library had a camera for the kids to use or if they had to provide their own. It's not really fair if they have to provide there own because those things are expensive!

It's the same way I feel about schools requiring kids to do PowerPoint projects while they are still in elementary school or middle school. That's not a cheap program and just assuming they will have access to it is not thinking of the range of incomes and tech knowledge that is in each community.

I suppose this is something that applies to all of these Web 2.0 goodies. Who has access to them and who does not?

Just pondering...don't mind me....
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