Monday, June 30, 2008

I'm not standing about, I'm lurking - it's a whole different vibe

So, this is my old MD 23 Things blog. After being a part of the pilot group for that program, I was recruited into developing our current Web 2.0 training for the system. So far, we have a great group of individuals exploring all of the new tools available online and pondering their uses (or lack their of) in the real world.

Since I made the training, I'm not really doing the training. But I wanted to leave comments and monitor how it was all going. Plus, what fun is blogging if you don't have any comments?

Being someone raised in a very techno-joy household, I'm relatively comfortable with computers and technology. I'm not a pro, but I occasionally go in and fiddle around, testing out new online toys. I got hooked on blogging while in college as a way of communicating with my high school friends and seeking out new friends with my similar interests.

Just a reminder, to get your CEUs, you need to email our SDC coordinator with your blog URL so she can see that you have completed 3 of the Exploration. Don't worry, she will protect your secret identity. Think of her as the Alfred to your Batman. Or the Xander to your Buffy, the Uncle Owen to your Luke Skywalker!

Anyway, keep going team! You guys are doing a great job with the explorations and encouraging your fellow teammates. Isn't it fun interacting with staff that you might only talk to one a year at GSM?