Monday, August 13, 2007

Week 9, Thing 23 - looking back

I really enjoyed "23 Things". There were a few items that I had never heard of before, and several areas of Web 2.0 that I hadn't really ventured into yet. It was nice to get a introduction to these areas, though I think a few of them appealed more to my personal interests than work interests.

I really hope we can do something similar for our system. I don't know if I'd suggest all 23 things. I'm not sure how daunting it would be for a new user to see all of these different sites. And so many of them I had a hard time applying to the library. Still, I think it would make a nice introduction and maybe create some great conversation among people that might not talk regularly. I mean, already I've had contact with other members of my system that do not work in my branch, and it's nice to exchange ideas with them and hear their opinions on these new bits of technology. Because, if you're not on a committee with someone, you won't see them until the GSM and by then, you won't remember to talk about any of this stuff! (that's one of the things I like about blogging - you can put your thoughts out there and people can just stumble upon them at their leisure).

So, yes, that was a lot of fun! I think I would enjoy more programs like this that let you see what other libraries in the country (or even the world!) are doing. And maybe even interact with librarians all over and get advice from them!
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