Thursday, August 02, 2007

Week 9, Thing 21 - Podcasts

Yes, I believe I have babbled about podcasts before in another forum. I'm not a talk radio person. I listen to books on cd occasionally. Other than that, if I'm listening to something, it's music. If it's talk, it better be very very short.

So I don't really do podcasting. I've tried! I used to have the X-Play (video game reviewing show) video podcast sent to iTunes for me and the Harry Potter Mugglenet podcast. And I never listened to them.

I'll read blogs about video games and harry potter, sure. Because when it comes to a blog, I can skim, skip to the part I am interested in. With podcasts, unless someone has helpfully created a list for you (at 5 minutes 10 seconds, they interview such and such) then I get bored and end up shutting it all down before it's over. Video podcasts...well I haven't found anything I felt the need to watch every time they post something. This is sort of what I use my blogfeeds for - if a cool video is going around, I will find it there. If something funny/interesting is revealed on a podcast, someone will relay the info to me.

Now, the idea of using podcasts on library pages is interesting and I'd love to hear what sort of reaction/feedback these systems are getting. I did a search on one of the sites and found a bunch of public library programs. But is anyone listening? That's what I want to know. I know a lot of friends that fill their iPods up with podcasts and listen to those during the week. So there is an audience out there, but would they listen to a library podcast?

Like a library blog, library podcasts should be kept short and sweet (unless you have a "special guest", like an author that is visiting). I can't imagine any patron listening for longer that 20 minutes about library events or new titles.

I find podcasting to be even more niche than blogging. I think blogging is a much stronger force in the internet universe and if a library was going to dabble in the world of Web 2.0, I think blogging would be a wiser first step than podcasting.
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