Thursday, July 26, 2007

Week 8, Thing 18 - "online productivity tools"

Okay, this is just cool. I was not aware of these sites, but it only makes sense that they exist! I guess I had just assumed that microsoft had taken over the world of word processing and you either typed on their program or you wrote it on paper.

But clearly, things are changing. And these "online productivity tools" look like fantastic resources. Especially for those patrons that come in to type something up, then realize they don't have a disc with them, but have no desire to purchase one. Or, for people that own computers but don't want to drop the cash for Microsoft Office just to own Word. Or Excel.

Maybe this is just because I've become so anti-microsoft over the years (even though I use so many of their products...I'm just tired of the grip they have on the computing world), but I like the idea that I can tell a patron about something like this. It's a nice option to have. I think these would make great links for our current "Reccomended Sites" page. (I would never call them "online productivity tools". I had no idea what that meant until I clicked on it. I'd find a better way to name it. Or perhaps list the sites in several areas - business, homework, etc)
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