Friday, July 27, 2007

Week 8, Thing 10 - Web 2.0 2007 winners

That was fun! I just clicked through a lot of the sites listed as "Winners" for the 2007 Web 2.0 awards. So many different kinds of sites, so many ways to spend time customizing the web to fit your needs!

I found a couple pages that I plan to go back to on my home computer. I really thought Colorblender was cool! I like to make graphics for my blog and I'm horrible at picking a color scheme that doesn't make my eyes burn! Right now, my entire blog is just one color, for fear of overloading my retinas. This site/program looks like it would be a lot of fun to play around with!

The customizable Start Pages are cool too. I have played with Googles Personzalized home page but since it came in 3rd, I'm thinking about looking at the ones in 1st and 2nd and seeing how they compare.

The widget making sites also look like fun, though I'm not sure if they are compatible with livejournal (my main blog). I could have a good time playing around with those.

The "cocktail builder" seemed like a good time too! I know it's just a silly site, but you could probably discover some new drinks and such goofing around with it.

So many sites, so little time! I think the site that made the biggest impression was Pandora. I had forgotten about this site. Last.Fm grabbed me because of the ability to have it upload your iPod and iTunes list and show what music you like. Pandora you just pick an artist and it begins to stream music it thinks you'll enjoy. I like how it explains itself before playing a song, helping you understand why it has chosen this piece of music.
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