Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Week 5, Thing 12 - Rollyo

Well, that's a neat site for someone who does a lot of online searching. I think, if that's your thing, then Rollyo would be a big help! I feel like you'd either want to use RSS Feeds for sites and read everything they publish, or you'd rather just create a search for bigger sites that might mention things your interested in, and then search them. (The Rollyo I created was made just for me to search fandom websites - so it covers the main site for Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Buffy news)

Me? I don't think I would ever use this site. When I get to the point of Googling at work, or at home, I'm usually clueless about what I'm looking for, and Googling is the last step. Or, I know exactly what i'm looking for and I'm searching online because I'm too lazy to type in the URL.

Now, this would be very cool for homework assignments we get ever year. Especially ones that we knew didn't mesh well with what databases we have available. If we found some great sites that consistently gave good information for these assignments, creating a Rollyo for them would save a lot of time.

EDIT: Scratch that idea, I just attempted to create such a search and found that Rollyo searches the entire site you enter, not just the pages, so this gave me just as many worthless results. Easier to just google it and then go the the actual site and search. Oh well!

Also, I find the ads distracting. I have a low tolerance for advertisments on my webpages, especially when they are in the middle of everything and mixed together with search results. BOO!
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