Monday, July 02, 2007

Week 5, Thing 10 - Meez Avatar

I forgot I had one of these! I made it after someone told me about the program. Never really got into making avatars though. When I am online and want to see something representing me, it's usually
not actually me I want to see.

(This is my same problem with things like 'Second Life' - if I'm playing an online game, I don't want to be a librarian, I want to be a
a little green haired gnome that fights dragons!)

(this is why I spend a lot of time
making graphics, livejournal allows you to upload icons of your choosing, and most people use the icon as another form of expression - for example, a post that is tongue in cheek about some silly topic might have an icon that looks like this -

There's a whole subculture on Livejournal based on creating these little 100x100 (under 40kb) images. It's ridiculous, but fun. And another way to express yourself online. Very interesting least to me, but then again, I was an American Studies major and almost every class was about that sort of thing.
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