Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Week 4, Thing 8 - RSS Feeds & Bloglines

*phew* well that was fun! I had never poked around Bloglines before. Interesting set up. But since Livejournal's "Friend List" function also doubles as an aggregator, I probably won't use my Bloglines account as much.

I will confess, the problem with things like Livejournal, Bloglines, etc.., is that you sort of stop browsing. If it's not published in one of my RSS feeds, then I won't know it! I hardly ever venture outside of my livejournal anymore because I've added so many blog feeds to that reader! So be warned, RSS feeds are addictive and if you start collecting them and reading them religiously, your reader will be the only site you ever visit! (Though, Livejournal is part blog part social networking site, so I have a lot more random people/things that I read on there, probably why it cane take me an hour to read my entire "flist" some days...).

I really think libraries should take advantage of all of this technology and create active blogs which, by default, should have public RSS feeds. (I say active because if you want to get anyone's attention, you need to update your blog on a regular basis, weekly, if not daily). Like I mentioned above, if you get into RSS feeds, you tend to never leave your reader page, so if libraries want to stay in their patrons lives, they should have blogs that update when new releases are on their way ("We know Harry Potter won't be out until July, but you can place your holds starting today!") or programs ("Don't forget, Cathy and Marcy will be here in a little over a week") or even just boring old marketing ("New Releases this week that you might not have heard about..).

My public Blogroll is here . I added a few of the recommended sites from Maryland Libraries Learning but also tossed on a couple that I am a fan of - "No Flying No Tights" (a graphic novel review site) and Whedonesque (because I am a total fangirl for all things Joss Whedon...um...and he had a character in his show that was a librarian so its work related...sort of).
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