Thursday, June 21, 2007

Week 3, Thing 7 - Tech post

Well, the most recent technology (and when I say "technology", I'm assuming we are referring to the internet) that has caught my attention is "micro-blogging". So far, it's actually one of the few new trends that I haven't been completely sucked into! (well...almost).

The biggest "micro-blogging" slash "social-networking" site right now is Twitter. This site allows you to update your status in a short sentence or two from your computer or cell phone. While on a regular blog, like this one, I can ramble on about my life, tv shows, etc., a micro-blog consist of "I am eating food now and it's good" or "I am at work, call me there if you need me".

My first interaction with microblogging happened on 'Facebook'. I joined this site just to see what the fuss was about and found it odd that people were updating their "status" with little notes like "so-and-so is suffering from a headache" or "so-and-so is ready for friday". These updates happened every few hours!

I'll admit, when I log into Facebook, I feel compelled to change my status. Usually it's just to kill time or amuse myself. But since there's no method of feedback, who knows if anyone cares!

Anyway, I find the whole thing interesting because of the type of people that use it. First, you have to have some tech-savvy if you're going to use your cell phone to send message to the internet.

Second, you have to have a teensy bit of free time all the time - not a chunk of time to write a full blog, but enough time to say "so-and-so is craving pizza" and then get back to work. Which means you have a certain kind of job/lifestyle that sits you in front of a computer or cell phone all day and you can goof off like this.

And third - you have to be even more delusional than a regular blogger. I mean, yes I've fooled myself into thinking other people would want to hear my opinion on tv shows, movies, my life etc. But I don't know if I can convince myself that anyone wants to know what I'm doing at any given second!

Though, I've heard the powers of micro-blogging can also be used for work rather than play. A friend of mine told me his office uses a similar updater to alert co-workers to what they are doing. (I'm in the office, I'm at lunch, I'm working on such and such).

It's a bit scary. Cell phones bother me because people let them take over their lives. They drop everything to take cell phone calls no matter where they are. Why? Back in the day, if you weren't at home, people left a message. Why must you answer the phone when you're...oh gee, I dunno, at the library. ;-)

Same with micro-blogging. Before you would just leave home. Or if anything, put up an away message on instant messenger that said "be right back". But soon, will people be compelled to document their trips to the grocery store? to update us on their every movement?

And that's the story of technology I guess - it goes from a total distraction, something silly, then slowly becomes part of our culture until we can't live with out it!

Wow, that was a really long post. If you made it this far, treat yourself to a cookie!
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